What’s going on here? The Cobra

By Barney • July 17th, 2012

Thai Massage Cobra

Thai Yoga Massage is often referred to as “lazy person’s yoga” because the therapist does all the work instead of the client sweating and straining away at a yoga class!

Usually, when a person practices yoga postures or asanas, they can’t help but tense their muscles.  Though yoga itself emphasises that it’s a personal practise with nothing to do with competition, it’s also common to have a mindset of pushing yourself when attempting yoga postures.  In Thai Yoga Massage, because the client is completely relaxed and the therapist supports them into various positions, stretches can be deeper without discomfort.  This helps to release tension by opening up the body.

This particular position is similar to the cobra posture or ‘Bhujangasana’ which is often used to open up the chest, shoulders, and abdomen.  I usually perform this posture around about half way into the treatment time and it’s a good one for helping to identify aches and blockages that perhaps the client wasn’t even aware of at first.  In it, the knees of the practitioner lean on the bottom of the glutes of the client, helping to release tension which is very common here in people who suffer lower back pain.


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