Hamstring stretches benefit desk workers too

By Barney • July 18th, 2012

Thai Yoga Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring stretches are favourites for sportspeople and people very active in the outdoors.  Indeed, Thai Yoga Massage can be helpful to such people pre and post event and I’ve often worked on members of Glasgow University’s Thai boxing club.  But it’s not just the very active that can benefit from this posture; office workers and students, service sector workers standing up all day and the generally sedentary all can too, perhaps even more so. Whether sitting or standing, if we’re inactive for most of the day, the muscles and tendons at the back of the thigh become rigid and shortened.  In this hamstring stretch, I don’t simply pull on the client’s foot and push their thigh away with my own foot to allow a strong stretch, I’ve actually placed my foot along one of the major energy channels or Sen lines in the body.

Much Asian traditional medicine and bodywork is based on the idea that there is a system of energy channels in the body. If they are blocked, health problems develop. Unblocking this energy flow results in improved health. In Chinese medicine and Japanese Shiatsu massage, these lines are known as meridians, in Ayurveda they’re known as nadis and in Thailand these channels are called Sen lines.  It’s thought that stimulating these lines helps the smooth, effective passage of energy around the body and in Thai Yoga Massage we focus on the ten principal Sen lines in the body, but it’s thought there are many more – even thousands!


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