Tension? Get in a (spinal) twist!

By Barney • July 18th, 2012

Thai Massage Spinal Twist

Generally in modern life, we do everything in a rather rigid, very forward focused way.  Especially if we work at a desk all day, we push our heads forward on our necks, causing strain.  We often slump and hunch over our desks too, causing compaction of the spine.  This spinal twist is similar to the yoga asana “Ardha Matsyendrasana” and is used for opening up the spine laterally.  Many asanas bend the spine forward or backward, but to keep the spine truly flexible, it needs to move from side-to-side too, something we very rarely do in our daily lives.  Most bend the spinal column either backward or forward, but to become truly flexible it must be twisted laterally as well.

In Thai Yoga Massage, because the client is fully relaxed, a powerful stretch is attained without force or strain, allowing the release of  deep-seated tension.  The theory in Thai Yoga Massage is that tension, aches and ‘knots’ in the body are essentially energy blockages and by helping to allow a smoother energy flow through the body, these blockages can be alieviating before they cause more problematic ailments.


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