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The Cobra with Barney Green

Not as painful as it looks. Barney Green chats about how the cobra thai massage position could help you.

Thai Massage – Hamstring Stretch

A quick introduction to a thai massage leg stretch with Glasgow therapist Barney Green

Thai Massage Position – Spinal Twist Video

One of the positions used in Thai Massage, a spinal twist to relieve tension.

Hamstring stretches benefit desk workers too

Hamstring stretches are favourites for sportspeople but it’s not just the very active that can benefit from this posture; office workers and students can too.

Tension? Get in a (spinal) twist!

This spinal twist is similar to the yoga asana “Ardha Matsyendrasana” and is used for opening up the spine laterally.

What’s going on here? The Cobra

Thai Yoga Massage is often referred to as “lazy person’s yoga” because the therapist does all the work instead of the client sweating and straining away at a yoga class! Usually, when a person practices yoga postures or asanas, they can’t help but tense their muscles.  Though yoga itself emphasises that it’s a personal practise […]

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is practised all across Thailand, and people around the world are increasingly discovering the benefits of this practise for maintaining physical and emotional good health.