Ailments Treated

Thai yoga massage is rooted in yoga philosophy and practice.  It is effective in the prevention as well as in treatment of many common ailments. Each treatment is tailor-made to the needs of each individual. Some common ailments that Thai Massage can help with are:
• Insomnia
• Low energy
• The effects of stress
• Fatigue
• Back pain

Thai Massage is not a quick toning of the muscles and loosening of the joints. It is a whole body massage which helps nearly all parts of the body. The purpose of Thai Massage is to provide relaxation, balance the body’s various centers, improve healthy blood circulation, and activation of the body’s energy lines or “Sen” as they are called.

Other applications of thai massage are :-
• Helping support your sports, yoga & martial arts practice
• Promoting deep relaxation
• Untangling muscle knots & stiff joints
• Relieving sciatica
• Alleviating back, shoulder & neck pain
• Relieving migraines & headaches
• Decreasing stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia
• Strengthening & stimulating internal organs & immune system
• Energizing the body

Treatment Information